Countdown for celebration of love in palashboni has begun

Note: This post is about the Bengali TV serial Ishti Kutum. If you are not a follower of the show, please follow the posts on category archives for context.

The countdown has begun for celebration of love in Palashboni. Drum rolls are on, the air is filled with love. Ishti Kutum audience are eagerly waiting for the latest episode (8th October) of Ishti Kutum. But why is it so special? Because today is the opening day of a week long romance.

When the last episode on Saturday, 6th October ended, an elated audience also felt exasperated, “why do we have Sundays in between Saturday and Monday. Never before have anybody hated a Sunday as much as they did on 7th October. Because it came in the way of love, the abundance of which we hope to see on Monday, 8th October.

On Saturday, Archi-Baha (played by Rrishii Kaushik and Ronita Das), one of the most popular couple in contemporary Bengali entertainment,  the winner of Best Couple at the 2012 Sangbad Protidin Tele Samman Awards, were reunited after almost two months of tears, tension and trauma. This was also the first time since their marriage a year ago, that Archi-Baha have been able to come close to each other absolutely free from all lies, bondage and inhibitions.

From the pre-caps of last episode and from the two back to back weekly promos, it is clear that this week, it would be pure unadulterated romance on Ishti Kutum recreating a magic the audience have seen during Jun and July 2012. Archi-Baha’s onscreen chemistry is one of its kind and the fans are often comparing them with Uttam-Suchitra, the benchmark of romance in Bengal.

Last episode of Ishti Kutum also marked the end of the first phase of Ishti Kutum as the year long turmoil ended with Archi’s social confessions and acceptance of Baha as his lawful wife. The latest week of Ishti Kutum, particularly last episode have been arguably one of the boldest and most progressive scenes in the entire popular Indian entertainment industry. A man with two wives / women is nothing new, it is one of the most repetitive themes in soap operas. We either see them as matter of joke in David Dhawan’s comedies like Gharwali Baharwali or we see them as terrible melodramatic triangles where in the end one of the life inevitably is lost because nobody has ever thought of an alternative.

The alternative that Ishti Kutum dared to show. That a man can be brave enough to deal with the situation, accept the truth, listen to his heart, break up and move on. Yes, this hurts the other woman, who is left alone. But it is better than keeping her in the dark, sharing a life with her without love, keeping a marriage that has lost its soul.

Those days I could not tolerate Baha, I used to humiliate and hurt her in every possible ways.” Said Archi in front of the entire people of Palashboni village while confessing the truth about his and Baha’s relationship.

Archi speaks to people of Palashboni, confessing his mistakes and accepts Baha as his only wife.

What Archi did only one in thousands and lakhs of men can do, he literally stood in front of the society and confessed every mistakes he has made. He showed immense courage by doing this because he didn’t know how people would react. He was ready to face consequences. He accepted that even after trying many times he could not tell the incident about Baha to Mun and that’s why their marriage happened on the due date. When Kanka asked, “Is it not adharma to your other wife?” He said, “One cannot control one’s heart, but I would always be good friend to her and help her through thick and thin”

This might sound very simple, but is the greatest truth. A marriage is a celebration of true love. If the love is lost from the heart then the marriage has no meaning. Then it is best to part ways. Just for the sake of the society, one should not continue in a love less marriage. A broken marriage does not mean the end of the world. True friendship is also hard to find and every relationship is equally precious.
Archisman is an iconic character and he has proved that once again. Credit goes to Leena Gangopadhya for creating Archi. Credit also goes to Rrishii Kaushik for doing absolute justice to Archisman. It takes guts to accept a controversial role and emerge as a winner. Fan messages have started pouring in all over Facebook for Archisman and RK.
A new struggle awaits Archi and Baha in Kolkata, several questions lay ahead that worries us, would the Mukherjee family accept Baha as their daughter in law? Would Baha stay in Mukherjee household where she have been humiliated and where not many people welcome her anymore, or would she go to the hostel. Or would Archi dare to take a separate accommodation and start a new independent life? Kamalika has visited the lawyer for a mutual divorce, would the divorce proceedings go on smoothly? Would Kamalika forgive Baha and stay by her side as an elder sister, the way she promised in the hospital after her suicide attempt? Or would she turn spiteful and angry?

Let’s find out those answers after the week of romance. Enjoy!

[For story reference, visit Ishti Kutum Story So Far]

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  1. hmmm…this is getting very interesting for sure….


  2. Like to see much closer relation Baha and Archi


  3. Archi shuld know the cause of Mun’s suicide.


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