Complan Tele Samman Awards – Actress Ankita Chakraborty

I have heard of many fashion faux pas, but Bengali TV actress Ankita Chakraborty’s awkward dress worn at the Complan Tele Samman Awards beats them all. It was truly hilarious. Even the host Mir couldn’t stop making a comment about it. It looked like a maternity sack to say the least. Perhaps she needed to wear it to cover her excessively bloated bottom.

Ankita Chakraborty at the Complan Tele Samman Awards

Ankita Chakraborty at the Complan Tele Samman Awards, wearing the most ridiculous dress I’ve ever seen.

I don’t understand, why couldn’t she stick to the traditional Bengali attire, the Saree. A Saree brings elegance, style and sensuality. But I guess to wear elegance, you have to be elegant which I doubt Ankita Chakraborty is. What was she thinking of herself? Some Hollywood glamour queen? Is she trying to imitate Aishwariya Rai at the Cannes red carpet? Last year, at the Tele Samman Awards Ronita Das who plays Baha in Ishti Kutum got the Best Actress award, she wore a beautiful white saree which spoke of her inner beauty and simplicity unlike Ankita.

The entire award show was also quite substandard and was a mark of the Bengali culture and tradition going to the dogs. The dance and other acts were cheap and vulgur and unoriginal having borrowed inspiration from Bollywood.

If we compare the Tele Samman Awards with the Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards the later fares to be a far better representation of Bengali talents and culture. The SJPA has a unique concept where they come together as a family, they reflect tradition, culture, class and elegance. The participants mostly wear traditional dress.

I am not a regular viewer of Bengali awards or shows, but Star Jalsha Parivaar Awards would any day be the best platform for Bengali general entertainment.

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