Here’s some thing I wrote in my 26th summer. It was One bright sunny morning when I thought “its been long we called each other. Wonder what is he doing. Why didnt call me all these days? We spend such wonderful moments last christmas and then suddenly he disappeared. May be I should call.” So I called him and found out that the man on the otherside of the line was a married man.

Some day, again in the middle of the night
In my empty bed with my empty thoughts
I will remember you, I know.

‘That is it then, goodbye’ I said today,
But I will be blue again someday.

Will that hurt me so, that I rather not let you go?

No, You must go.

Like the morning always leaves the evening
and never meets the night
While the night never quite passes the dawn,
never gets to touch the morning light.

Someday again I’ll think of you,
but not with pain
There are things I will remember all my life
only to recollect them all of a sudden,
On one such lonely dark night
When the world around me would seem to be empty
and there is no where else my thoughts could tread
I will think of thee