A friend of mine is getting married next week, here’s a poem i wrote not for her, i wrote it two years back when another friend was getting married. I realized I have the same feelings towards this friend as well. Then I realized I have all my friends getting married one after the other. Then I realized I dont actually loose them as friends although at the verge of they getting married i and even they think the friendship is lost.

At the dawn of you making a whole new world,
With the man you chose
a time so emotional yet so conditional,
time that you have been waiting for so long,
a time so scary and so strong,
a time to say the unspoken and yet it’s the time to let silence speak
it’s the time when you can let your imagination run wild time when you leave your system stirred and lead without a mind
at such a time, I who have seen it all,
been through all your rise and fall,
the beginning and the ending,
the day you met the day you felt
all the laughter all the tears,
the storm and the twister
the spring summer autumn and winter,
the days at our school the days at the job,
time quietly spent time we broke the rules
I was always there to share every splendor,
You my friend had make that happen,
you made me a part of you
Thanks my friend for making me feel so special,
the way you do,
As you open the door of your new life,
we would be distant,
But these memories will always be there to treasure.

Here are my heart-felt wishes my friend,
for a fairy tale that lasts forever with joy and laughter.