Some one commented that we blog for our own plesure and it doesn’t really matter whether people read what we write or not. Well I don’t think so. And of course like all times I have no scarcity of Thoughts when i come to think of as to why we blog

“Writing Comes so easily When you’ve got Some thing to say”. The rest of the thought would presumably be “but no one to listen”. At least that’s why I write (or blog, to be more precise).

I am making this guess that most of us here in this blogworld are here to flaunt their writing skills. Although one of the most repetitive liners from the blog creator, coming as a response to the comments left in praise at the end of each post, is that “most of what I write is my random thought I wonder how you all find it interesting”. Quite a humble response I must say but honestly I don’t think its an honest line.

Some where deep down when you say those words you have this feeling of re-affirmation which puts a faint little smile round the corner of your lips. True they are random thoughts, but then not every Tom, Dick and Harry can put their random thoughts into a smart, crisp, witty, intelligent and touching combination of words. Can they?? Or for that matter not every (read those three names I just took here) have random thoughts. One got to be a thinker to have thoughts. Thinking in itself is an Art an inborn Talent. Besides thinking is good, but sharing your thoughts with the world out there is even better. I have started to blog inorder to reach out. Off late i had begin to realize that there’s just a handful of people I know. My contact list is so short. This wen I am the kind of person whose hobby is to talk to strangers in places like a public Q or a public transport etc. So I thought may be I will be able to increase the radius of my friends circle this way (blog).
Talking about thoughts trust me I can’t think of any thing more right now on this topic. As abrupt and end it might be but it’s better than going on for no reason. G&R been telling me for so long “every body need some time all alone”. So I better not try to get inside the mind of you bloggers and find out why you blog. :-x

I am sure plenty of you bloggers out there would not be agreeing with me. As a matter of fact you would hold an opinion which is the complete opposite of what we know as being ‘agree’. So do drop me few lines on your grounds of disagreement.