It was just another day at work
My desk was not organized and
My boss been acting like a jerk

On my desk I see files piling
hardly leaving any space
For the coffee mug to be placed
My copier isn’t fixed yet and
My trash can overloaded.

The guy from the street giving me all the bad news
Of how the bull been hit by the bear
The pack ran out of cigarettes
and it aint a good time for a beer.

Deadlines are always such a pain in the ass
No matter how much I chase I seem to never meet the target,
And could never get rid of the gloomy phase.

To top it all I have all the men at work
Staring at my cleavage
And I see all the girls so jealous as to kill me out of rage

Just when I was thinking I am gonna give it all up
Some one flashed round the corner
Suddenly the wind blew,
suddenly a sweet smell was spread
Suddenly a flower bloomed,
suddenly a nightingale sung
Suddenly Shakespeare recited his favorite poem
Suddenly Mozart composed his eternal tune.

It was the thought of you, which changed it all
The sweet things you said last night
Flashed across my mind
And I knew there’s someone to pick me up if I fall