I couldn’t finish the post about my adorable nightmare the other day, i mean he didn’t let me finish it. He came jumping and hopping in my room and gave me a stern look trying to tell me “what on earth you think you are doing. You have any idea what time it is. who do You think is going to give me the tabs the milk pedigree and what time shall we go for the walk.” If after that look I don’t get off my chair he will jump on my lap (sounds sweet but given his size……), bang on the keyboard, would divert my mind’s thought process with the noise. so I had to leave the blog incomplete.

Any ways so once he is back from the battle field (that’s what he thinks he is doing fighting a war when he is there on the road) it will be fun time time. I would try to watch TV which he won’t like so he would try to grab my attention in various ways. Would first attack my shoes, it’s not like he enjoys chewing it, if you are not bothered he would leave the shoe and attack other things like purse, books, newspaper, dad’s shirts basically he will keep trying untill he has successfully made us running after him with the stick. I, he considers, am species of his own type (well some time I behave that way).I am the one who has spoilt him so much. I can’t think of a day without him.