I am inanely attracted to one of my juniors………I cant endure the fact that another junior is inanely attracted to me. It feels so eerie to see him falling for me………How dare he. Off late I have been rude to him. The poor guy is trapped between me and ‘padmaja’. ‘Padmaja’ this stupid girl who smiles at everybody, who doesn’t know how to maintain a distance with the junior staffs. She gets too friendly, she makes people think in a certain way, she puts people up on a pedestal……….and when they have reached the pedestal I have to rudely knock them down.

Another sunday spent in “all plan no action“. I thought I’d tidy up my room. I didn’t. I thought I’d go out to some cyber cafe, get some of my pics (those I have taken) scanned and put them on my blog. I didn’t. I thought I’d go and meet my friend and her Hubby before he leaves for Canada. I …………(u know what). When she’ll ask me later why didn’t I go I’d lie…..and I call myself an honest person!!

My blog is all about me. GOSH. Why can’t I wrtie about so many beautiful things around me. How self centered can I become. Its all ME. My confession, My poetry. My Mind………………One of my reader said I want to project my self in a certain way……I am trying to convince the reader of me being a person which I necessarily am not. Could be I can’t say……..

I have an Attention Deficit Syndrome (Whatever heck does it means… I just have it).

I wanna go trekking in Har ki doon this month.

I am being born everyday……….I am curiosity
I am hated by the winner(s), liked by the runner up(s) and worshipped by the loosers……………- I am the Leper Messiah


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