Guy #1 – Why are u still single?
Me – am not too sure
Me – you think about it and lemme know if you have an answer

Guy #2 – hi
Guy #2 – so u a lawyer
Me – yup
Guy #2 – who is there at your home
Me – mom, dad, sister
Guy #2 – no brother??
Me – no
Guy #2 – do u hav a pic……

Guy #3 : what is this MPS (multiple personality syndrome) all about?
Me : i have split personality
Me : there’s only a thin difference between me and norman bates, he wasnt aware of the switching over of the personalities but i am
Guy #3 : aaaaahhh
Me : another difference between me and norman, i am not a criminal he was
Guy #3 : oh i c…the plot thickens
Me: yeah, and the more u read it becomes more interesting and scary
Guy #3 : scary?…eh?
Guy #3 : watz so scary abt it… far it has been only interesting
Me: scary is when it comes onto you my dear, when u’d be expecting nice things from the me who is sweet and romantic and what you’d get is real pain in the ass.

This is how this freak started the conversation which explains my subsequent reactions, pay attention to the last two lines…

Guy #4 : why are all bengali girls dissatisfied
Me : r u crazy, who r u, what on earth r u talking bout
Guy #4 : about every thing
Guy #4 : why bangali team members create lot of problem
Guy #4 : how come they find negative points in every positive thing
Me : do we even know each other? who are you
Guy #4 : No we dont
Guy #4 : But when ever I see a bangali on the net, I try to find the answers of my questions
Guy #4 : It is nothing to do with religion or regional boundries
Me : u r crazy
Me : keep ur ideas with urself and dont pass blanket comments like that
Guy #4 : when I was a front liner, I saw my bosses breaking theirs heads in eastern region
Guy #4 : Now I am facing the same problem
Me : its you who is going abuot doing partner search on the net at this hour, that’s how u got my ID also, and accusing me of whatever u r saying….i havnt heard of any thing funnier
Me : it seems u r pissed off with ur life
Me : and looking for some vent to realease
Me : go off to sleep
Me : my sujjestion
Guy #4 : But you did not answer
Me : am not interested in question, do u even have one?
Guy #4 : I hate fish

Worst pick up line I have heard “would you like to have casual friendship with a young guy

One of the sweetest compliments I have been given “You are like a novel to me, something new everyday”.