She is walking, searching…

She was a sweet little girl
She had dreams in her starry eyes, song in her heart and a smile on her face.
She had a big bright red gas balloon in her hands
She was walking searching,
Searching for a post where she could tie the strings of her oh-so-precious red balloon
She has colors around her, rainbows,
The sky above was blue the ground beneath green
The path became rough one day, she cross past the last strech of grass
she was smiling
This she knew, if she can’t find a post the string would slip away her hand
And her balloon would fly, fly far away to never come back
Over the ocean and the mountains, no one knows where…
So she walked on
She found a few post but could never tie the string
May be she didn’t know how to, may be the posts were too weak
Her search went on
The ground was pale and dusty now, the sky not so bright
She walked on roads no one else took
She learned things the hard way
Soon she and her balloon were walking alone on the road
There’s no one around
It must be a desert, sand all around.
She still smiled.
Behind the smile there was bewilderment
Why can’t I find it? Why? When every one else can Why can’t me
She was cracking up inside, she started loosing herself
Sands all around, ground beneath her feet slipping away
She wants to hold on but all she have in her hand is sand, all slipping away
She kept on walking, searching asking questions to never find answers
Her teardrops dried, her heart and soul lost their element.
Slowly she started feeling like everything inside of her was flying out
Then she felt lighter, like a dead fish she floated up
Shoot her, the bullet will pass through, she is hollow
She feels like she can fly now, to wherever…
She feels nothing more than that

its been 28 years of walking
she is still walking, smiling
it would be sometime before she notices that her balloon is not there any more…