Moments from the National Himalayan Trekking Expedition at the Malana Kiksa Yanker Pass captured by an ordinary me with my ordinary cannon cam. My first ever trek 11day long, 12,500ft accompanied by people with such golden heart I didn’t even know they existed in this world…

The studio didn’t scan the pics so very well, the prints look better and the real ones…I was running out of vocabulary trying to convey my delight to every body I was meeting ever since I have returned. I noticed people were just not getting even 10% of what it really was, at one point I gave up. Its just there in my mind and soul now what I felt there…Its gonna be a part of me its gonna make a better me. On the trip at 8000 ft there was one point when I thought this is sheer madness but then we were proud to be mad…we were not men, not women, not young not old, we were just crazy nature lovers, birds watchers, funny, weird, silly, sweet, smart, courageous, quiet, talkative, emotional, romantic trekkers…I had no idea how to create a post on my trekking trip, i still dont hav much so i better keep mum for a while just go through the pic and lemme know if you like it.

My new job is good? bad? not sure actually…but then I am good at all jobs mostly.

yankar pass 010