That’s it…I can’t take it any more. Please stop.

I can see a great leader in the making from the mails, one who has everyone’s interest in mind balancing the act…at least some one would walk out of the masses as a true persona…we should rather be proud to call her Sanju Boss

– A friend of past 6 years on reading the latest group emailing that I was carrying on in order to plan a trip weekend trip

You inspired me to join the group (DBM)

– A comment on my blog

That’s ok, I don’t need to…You are the greatest medicine

– Another friend on my being asked why the hell did he not keep the appointment with his shrink)

“Samy you are so kind”

– another friend on me trying to tell him how it is always better to share your feelings…to feel better

Achha ek bar phir se bol mujhe kuch nahi hoga

a friend worried about a persistent stomach ache which is there for quite some years now…every time he would call me I will have to reassure him that he is gonna be alright, he hears it from me and he believes in it.

Will you all let me remain human please…

I can’t cure your disease no matter how much I say you gonna be alright. I am not kind, kind was Mother Teresa, kind was Vivekananda…don’t call me kind. Don’t tell me I am the best medicine you won’t need me once you are cured then. No one likes medicine. Don’t embarrass others in the same league by singling me out as your inspiration. Let me remain your friend I don’t wanna be your boss I don’t wanna be your leader I just wanna be the plain me and hang out with my friends.

I am no angel sent from above you know…