A sharp sword cut thru my heart, poor heart was bleeding…voice was choked. All of a sudden all the smiling stars in my eyes turned into scary ugly faces…and a loud sky piercing voice laughed out loud…”you fool, you innocent idiotic dreamer, shame, you expected…don’t you know it’s a crime, go to hell now.”My poor heart is so tired now…of trying to resist the frequent push on the door, people walking in walking out leaving foot prints, rather mud marks, soul has been trying to wipe them off but before she can take care of it more people walking in and out…more dirt…I am closing the doors now…would try harder and harder to resist the next time…wish my heart was made of Iron…wish my eyes were as dry as zaire.

He – Tell me what do you want
She – I can’t tell you what I want…you gotta find that out yourself. I never tell anybody what I want…
He – but with me you’ll have to say…so tell me
She – I want to be with you, spend time with you, talk to you…
He – You are too demanding…


One thought on “pain knocked at my door

  1. Sometimes happiness and a crave to spend time in joy, love can be too much for someone. Even GOD who creates us, plays with us, don’t listen to us when we need him most.
    May be the love in him don’t exist OR may be we are to demanding.
    At the end of the day I feel sad for the heart


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