Where am I these days? Amidst Exitement and Exasperation. Exited about my new role as a Socio-legal Researcher doing research for an USAID funded project. The social activist has taken over the corporate bitch…for some considerable length of time to come i guess…Am Exasperated about my Car’s average, crazy drivers on the road, drivers who r in love with the (horns of cars i mean), those who would honk me even if I am driving at 55-60 when the speed limit is 40 (i have heard speed limit for cars on a delhi road is 50 isn’t that funny) suddenly the number of a**h***s have increased on Delhi roads, driving 24 kms a day am running out foul words. Furthermore exasperated about the dysfunctional central lock, the broken light, a virus in my computer, an urgent requirement but total absence of a valid passport, running colors of my two Kurtas…the list can go on

Anyways at least there’s one good news, the good news is that the Delhi Blogger’s October Meet (the VIII th DBM) is happening.

Date: Saturday, 22nd October 2005

Time: 5 pm onwards

Venue: Dilli Haat, Manipur Stall

Agenda: Some meaningful conversation where people speak (not just talk) and listen (not just hear) followed by couple of silly jokes, some bursting into laughter with or without reason and lots of momos…

Participants: Anyone and everyone who stays in and around of delhi, or can make it to Delhi on that day, owns a blog, reads blogs or is interested in creating or reading blogs. Interestingly, you are welcome even if you hate blogs…

Please ensure participation at the largest possible number…spread the news amongst your friends, post message on your respective blogs…talk about it in ur workplace…etc.