I was walking alone on the path to nowhere
wanderers kept joining and a caravan was formed…

Rohit , Amit and Navnee t were the first ones who started walking. Two of them first timers weren’t too sure of the DBM standard time. At that time somewhere near South-west delhi, a lady driven car was going a little haywire as she was busy attending calls on her cell phone, “are you coming?” Says Rohit. “Yes yes I am driving wud be there in some 30 min”. Mam I am calling from Hutch…Listen I am driving call me later Hello samyukta this is Avikal call me when you reach there. So Avikal joins in. Ankur had reached by that time but was waiting in the main entrance for a more known person so as to curb the uneasiness of walking up to a stranger group and asking them if they were bloggers. Finally Sanjukta reaches. I don’t wear a watch so my 30-35 min delay can please be excused…abhi to kaarwan banna baaki hai…Prasoon’s joining in, 5 mins thereafter, triggered the hi and hello followed by one of the most significant question for the evening “who decided on the venue”. In another 10 minuites Aseem joined. The meet has officially kicked off by now and the discussions went towards “The various Kinds of risk (real, financial…from insurance point of view. what did you guys think?) the latest browsers for netsurfing, the source of the term blog, the various tools available for blogging, the best blog hosts, what’s RSS and XML”. Avikal and Prasoon had to excuse themselves from the meet because of some other engagements they had. And so they did, but not before Prasoon, who breathes Lata regaled us with “Lag ja gale”. He promised us we’d be hearing more of him singing in the future meets. (You did promise right prasoon?) The Meet then moved from Manipur stall to the open stage of Delhi Haat. All these while we were being assured by Harneet, Yogesh and Nikhil that they would join the caravan. Right when a very sensitive issue was about to be discussed, in which we might have required all those weapons kreeti (she wasn’t there) was talking about, Harneet, joined in and saved us all. Followed by Yogesh and Nikhil (who came all huffing and puffing trying to find a parking) and was absolutely disappointed with the venue due to the reason of unavailibility of Alcohol. An issue the organisors must pay attention to next time onwards in public Interest. The final ones to join the group was Arun, Sushil and Shalini. A fresh round of discussion started focussing on topics like creative service industry, books publications, changing/emerging/newly acquired role of Blogs etcetera.

Nikhil’s agitating mind and heart was calm for a while with the pseudo beer (Fruit Beer) but he again became restless trying to arrange for passess to the Rockoctober Fest. Looking at his plight Amit sacrificed his pass and Nikhil was seen walking out of the meet happilly. But Alas he was restless again in the parking area trying to locate his car…poor guy never got any peace…

Prasoon, hope you’d upload the pics and as you said do send us the links of some of those blog related techno sites.

Navneet, good job.
Avikal, thanks for joining. Hope the group would hear from you.

Thanks everybody for taking out time from your schedule to attend the Meet.

Log saath aate rahenge aur karwaan banta jaayega…This journey would continue, this show will go on, those who couldn’t make it yesterday…watch out for the IX th Delhi Bloggers Meet.