My second step

Second step in blogdom. A lot is being said and done about blogs these days. Blogs are now being considered as a stress buster, as a weapon of an opinionated and educated son of the democratic India (so what if he is working for an MNC somewhere in Noida or Gurgaon) blogs are being used as a forum for agitations against the corrupts, corporates use blogs to promote themselves, to instigate rival comments and debates, movies are being promoted, NGOs convey their message through blogs and what not. “A pen was mightier than sword and a key board is mightier than pen”.
My blogging started in the beginning of this year when i read an article in Hindustan Times Brunch on Blogging. There was a lots in mind…a lot to talk about, to express, to convey all wanted to come out at a time the result was ‘This is my Truth‘. I am not a very well read person. I never knew I could write. And I think I actually could never write. Its just that as I started penning, rather typing, whatever I had in mind, words just kept flowing and I had my posts ready. I got inspired by my own writing to write more. I started admiring my own self.

I am not some one who follow the trend but I am also some one who doesn’t likes to be left alone (I hate loneliness I still live in with him though) So when everyone around is optimising the various utility of Blogging I thought may be I should too lay down a piece of my mind. My previous blogs still remains the same old blog about me, myself and I and this space is for what I feel about things and people, events and issues, gizmos and gadgets around me.