I have run out of ideas to create further posts on my blog. But I am a wannabe writer. I cannot possibly run out of writing ideas in just about 10 month’s time. So lemme see what’s all there that I have written about and what’s all there I can write about.

Things I write about:-

My heart
My loneliness
My Frustration
Fights with Family
The absence of some one to love

My mind
What all I think
What’s my take on latest issues.
On women’s empowerment.
On Legalizing Sex Trade
On Freedom
On the funny side of Life the good old days gone by
Exitement of Blogger’s Meets

Things I don’t write about

My Heart
My petty crushes…which I keep having even at my age
My secret affairs
Those ups and downs in my secret affairs
Those secret desires
My Secret Admirer
People I curse with those cruel curses every time I am jealous
Sharp edged lines I write when I am infuriated with family

My mind
Which knows where have I failed
Incidents where I was on the wrong side
Politics cause I don’t understand it
Modern Art
Book reviews, both for the same reasons
Fellow bloggers

Not a very long list and there can be more to it… I haven’t been writing things I can write about from my heart because I am not feeling anything off late. Smile or frown, none whatsoever. About things I can write from my mind I am taking too much of time to compose them. But they would soon come up. If only I was a little less lazy.

Not many people are visiting my blog these days. Seems like my 15 minuites of fame has come to an end. Just when I was thinking about it…Suddenly a vision came to my mind…

A huge open space, thousands of people all around, they all had with them thousands of small frames having pictures of various colors displayed all around. Hundreds and millions of people moving about on their personal tracks, very thin tracks, criss crossing tracks, they are moving about and checking out the pictures on the frames. I too had a frame of mine and soon as I started following my track, million others crossed it, millions came visit the colors on my frame, thousands liked it and hundreds complimented it, and then they started moving about again and the space around me become desolate. My frame still on display and I wait alone with just one hand around my shoulder giving me hope support and assurance “It will be back…hang on”. That hand is yours. Do you know who you are