How sweet are you my ‘pain’,
I fall in love with self
every time you touch me.

The way you hit my mind,
dry up all the fluid in this body,
And form a rock in my throat.

You make me feel like a soldier
When you crawl down that throat,
And enter my heart.

An orgasm is
what I fell then.

Come pain feel me in,
Stay here
make me feel,
make me worthy
make me beautiful
I know
Only you and me are real.


12 thoughts on “Pain…

  1. point…no actually there’s a point but…may be i’ll just edit them.. :-)btw cudn’t u have a better name..its so eerie to call someone insane.. :-)


  2. look again Anonymous that’s not the comment i deleted..I only delete those spam comments…your question must be here somewhere in the blog…And my answer is “i am not sure yet” do i sound like one??


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