That swift peck on my cheek when I was busy concentrating on safe driving amidst the mad city traffic…

That rolling of his eyes in sweet anger and insisting me to have the golguppas saying “kha lo, this is our last evening together here…

That attending of his third consecutive call in one hand while managing all my shopping bags in the other, to hear him say, “Samy I forgot to tell you something.” “Now what, tell me quick.” his reply – “forgot to say I love you”.

That lying down with my head on his chest his arms wrapped around me, his fingres carassing my hair, in the silence of the night we lay motionless, speech less, eyes wide open looking into nowhere wishing the clock stops then and there….in that eternal moment…

Shit!! Why am I living in the past…


3 thoughts on “Some beautiful Moments to cherish forever…

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    Hope u remembered me, u wrote my blog a comment a few days back.



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