Its so disgusting…of all the friends I have, all the men I have known all my families, aquaintances…not a single person to accompany me to a Jazz concert. I am so sick and tired of bhatkofying at places all by myself. I so wanna go to this music show today in Garden of 5 Senses but can’t ask anyone to come with me. Do I have such weird likes and dislikes that I never find a like minded person. Or is somthing horribly wrong with the people in Delhi…I am sure I would have had some company for all the things I like to do if I was in Bombay or Bangalore. Alas…when will that day come? Delhi has no culture but shopping… All my female friends today would be engrossed in their house hold work…will do laundry, shop for grocery, fight with husbands, cook eat and that’s all. Can you people be a little different, can you not do some thing new and exiting. And the male friends S is busy attending a marriage, S2 most probably would be busy he mentioned about an about an office tour this weekend, A doesn’t likes Jazz, M is missing for days and even if he was available he wouldn’t have gone I know, D, I did a stupid mistake of kissing him so now he thinks we are not friends and somthing else and I wouldn’t call him cause then he would start assuming more things about me. Haven’t yet called G and P they might be interested but then there’s another f*%^#$% trouble… I have this guy who tentatively asked me out for the evening. Now it would be great if he confirms it. If he doesn’t confirms I can call G and P and find out if they are available….trouble is I am not sure when is this guy gonna confirm or cancel the evening plan. Shit what am I gonna do…

“I suggest Samy take out the damn around do a couple of things and go to the concert…what did Tagore said….when no body is answering your call…walk alone”

Of course you needn’t tell me that I already know… If this guy calls fair enough otherwise I’d see if somone can make it at the last minuite otherwise I’d go alone…

I am leaving now you keep sitting with the stupid machine


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  1. I was reading this post today and surprisingly I don’t seem to remember who are these S2, S, P etc…

    how short lived are these friends..


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