These day’s I am reading the autobiography of Lord Denning. I too would be writing one na…so taking some tips from him… :D But of all the people why him. Well there’s a reason. You know I feel a strange connection with him ever since I came to know that I shared my Birthday with him…I think I was Lord Denning in my past life (that can’t be cause he was alive till 1999)

Me and Denning also happen to Share our birthdays with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Soon after marriage Prithviraj’s Sanjukta decided to study law and aspired to become Lord Denning. In Law college she became a rebel bole to ekdum politician. You know khali pili dharna naare baazi…Udhar Md.Ghori attacked Prithviraj and captured him. Sanjukta called a meet of all her college mates and asked for their blood…matlab she formed an army and declared war against Ghori to resucue prithviraj…prithiviraj to was rescued but panga yeh hua that he got very confused about Sanjukta. Soch ne laga is this the girl I married. She seems to be having multiple personalities. But prithiraj’s love was true, so he didn’t mind the new avtaar of hers. And they lived happily ever after (well not really more tales to come)

Jees…isn’t it enough of crap. Who the hell want’s more.


8 thoughts on “#

  1. Hi!Sanjukta,

    It has been not much long im visiting ur blog.But,as a new visitor I sometimes find really difficult to relate!
    But nevermind. I’m so interested that i’ll keep trying.
    Best of luck



  2. Keep it coming … who wants reality anyways … your dreams are the realities of tomorrow … will be waiting for more of these flights of fancies … from your side dudette! bong or not, i know u r a true dreamer, free and unbound …


  3. Hi all welcome and thanks a lot for ur comments…

    @insane I am a bong..but not sure if true or false…I am not a bong, am not delhite, am not traditional, not modern…if only i knew what i am…

    @ Deanna welcome back..I know exactly what you mean…it is for not without a reason that I call myself having multiple personality…you start thinking I am someone and then you find I am not. And its not taking me anywhere in life trust me..wish I could change.


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