Sanjukta And Prithiviraj, The Tale I Romanticized As A Child

Bollywood is finally making a movie on the eternal Love of Sanjukta and Prithviraj Chauhan. Finally people would pronounce my name properly…

I remember having read their love story when I was 6 or 7, in an Amar Chitra Katha comic. Can’t remember much details now, just this bit, that this guy Prithviraj was a King and he was in love with this girl Sanjukta. At six, it wasn’t really my fault if I thought that, that girl was me. So this king wanted to marry her. Of course marry, time pass dating, flirting, living-in and stuff weren’t known at that time of the historical clock.

As always some panga happened and their marriage didn’t appear to be an easy job. Then this guy decided to abduct Sanjukta on her wedding day. Interestingly, she had already given her consent to the plan, which I think is rather cool. I mean Kings and monarchs didn’t care much for consent, they just conquered, but this was very consensual, very filmy.

I still remember the scene, which my mind had visualized at that age…Sanjukta was probably standing at a palace gate or something, Prithvijraj was on his horse, sword in his right hand, the mighty horse running at a speed faster than wind…heading right at her direction, he comes close and lifts Sanjukta with the other hand puts her on the horse and they elope…they must have lived happily ever after. I don’t know but they must have.

Mom why did you buy the comic for me? And why did you have to name me Sanjukta? Do you realize what have you done to your daughter. This stupid girl still cannot accept that it is just the name that is same.


5 thoughts on “Sanjukta And Prithiviraj, The Tale I Romanticized As A Child

  1. I was also a watcher of PRITHVI RAJ CHAUHAN. I was then in class IX. I never used to miss the program. I wanted to spend my life like sanjukta. It was funny. But still now when i think about it,this makes me smile.


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