haven’t spoken to D for long and nor do I want to…

S2 and K may end up owing their marriage (ok I know I am acting crazy) to me…just like S3+P, M+S4, M2+M3 did… God Bless all of you couples.

Got my look changed, spent couple of hours and some freaking money in the parlour today…sometimes material things makes you happy.

Some girl said to this guy, and this guy came and told me that the girl told him that I am always looking for dates…as in am always chasing men. I don’t know this girl at all except that she happens to be a friend of another of my friend and my friend keeps talking to her bout me…and my friend tells me she is very fond of me, but from what this guy tells me about what she told him about me, it seems she is NOT very fond of me, She also leaves nice comments on my blog and she also the other day added me on yahoo messenger [PERIOD] now which of these Fucking people to be believed [PERIOD] and from where do people get this Idea…I do all that I can to resist a man…

was looking at some of my child hood pics…I used to be cute


Wish S falls in love with me…Don’t know him that well, except that he is this macho guy with a golden heart and great smile but I like him. Given the dreamer I am, might even say ‘yes’ if it happens hoping the rest would simply follow… There was this one time, he had called and I said “S I think you forgot your shoes there.” he said, “No I haven’t. I got my shoes with me but I have forgot my heart over there.” I quickly responded, “aha tell me with who?” But he just laughed it away. I wanna write more about S here, but am afraid he might find out.