The Perfect season for an outdoor activity. The perfect sun for a photo shoot and the perfect timing for a Cricket match. We decided to have a DBM with a difference this time. So here is the plan. Date 18th December, Sunday


Suggestions and improvements are always welcome and appreciated.

So we meet up at Humayuns tomb at 11am that gives us ample opportunity to bask in the winter sun. After the initial round of introductions (we have nothing against squares,triangles and other assorted geometric figures) we shall proccede to our photography show/tell/teach thingy ahich will be (hopefully) followed by a cricket/football match….this match can also act as a photo subject for some who are more inclined to photography and do not want to dirty thier clothes with cricket/shriket…football/shhotball.

ah…the games will be followd by lunch….which we can all go and eat at some joint or we can order takeaways and have a picnic in the sun……!!!

with time and consensus some gaana bajaana will be appreciated….loads of fun expected…but only if you are there.

oh and you need not be a blogger to be there (MSM spys are welcome too…..we are armed this time…lol) so you can bring along your freinds, brothers,sisters,aunties,uncles ….whatever….be there!!


Original invitation mail posted by Pradster on Delhi Blogger’s Yahoo Group mailing list. However the invitation is open to all. So if you are you are some one who writes a blog, reads a blog, wishes to do so in future and has been doing so in the past…and if you are in Delhi on 18th Please Join us.

Don’t worry about meeting a bunch of strangers…none of us bite… :P You’ll have a good time PROMISE


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