Update dt 23rd April 2011 (That’s right 6 years after I wrote this post)

Found out this link which is the Ashrama’s only presence on web – http://abhyuday.netfirms.com/index2.htm

And this article on Hindu http://www.hindu.com/mag/2006/07/09/stories/2006070900030100.htm

We the SARI/Q Good Practice Action Research team are doing a Good Practice Research Study. A good practice is a practice which is tested and proven practice yielding excellent results in the Development Sector. Its like we pick a topic, say child sexual Abuse, we look at the entire universe of the organisation, Government, Non Government we study each of these NGO activities. Shortlist some organisation and study them more deeply…test their practices on various bench marks and principles (like results, readiness, replicability). Finally we stamp a particular practice as a good practice, document it, disseminate it and also at times fund the replication of such practices by other NGOs.

On the topic of CSA (child sexual abuse) I was gathering information on one “Abhudaya Ashrama“. It took me more than a week to find out the contact details of the place. The so called popular internet database of NGOs gave no search results, Google gave results but not the contact details.

Anyway I found out the contacts and the study was conducted. As a final step of the study a site visit is done to the organisation. The result of this site visit as we have in hand is that there is no good practice to be replicated. (well the results are not final yet, we are still working on it…lets see. A lot will depend on our coordinator and people above her)

I am slightly disappointed with this and I thought I need to spread the word about this initiative.

Abhudaya Ashrama is a residential school run by Ram Sanehi of Morena District, Madhya Pradesh. Abour 6 districts in MP have families who are involved in community based traditional prostitution (these communities are Bedia, Bachada, Kanjar, Sansi) where the man of the household does not do any work, the birth of girl child is celebrated only cause she would be the earning member. At best the men in these communities act as pimps for their sisters or daughters.

Ram Sanehi has dedicated his entire life fighting against this tradition.

Find out more here http://ambedkar.org/News/hl/Backto.htm


By establishing this “Ashrama” he has made education as a weapon to fight against the tradition. He wants all the children of these communities to be educated. But the ashrama is running into debts, they have to turn away the children who come for admission. For various reasons the activities are not very appealing to a critique’s eye. (This is purely my personal opinion and not that of my team or coordinator)

It would be such an irony if good work by an individual goes unnoticed. So I thought I would just spread the story of Ram Sanehi of Morena.

One way we can contribute our bit is by talking about an issue on all possible occassion, gatherings etc… Say it out loud and clear.