How we keep hearing this term “True Love”. I say, love is never true or false. The people involved might be, the circumstances might be but love in itself is like God. Not true not false, not black not white…colorless, shapeless, ageless, timeless…Love is just love. It gives you the same feeling even if it is offered by the person who is not true. Its like when you think the other person loves you, you might be wrong, may be the person lied to you, may be the person is two timing, but till that time you find the truth out, what you feel in your heart is LOVE. There’s no truth or false about it.

If hearts were blogs and if you link your blog to a woman’s blog, and if you keep visiting her blog everyday and keep leaving sweet comments there, eventually she would link her blog to your blog, she would no matter how dumb your blog is….Its automatic


11 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. what is truth?
    what is true in one age is false in another. what is true today is a fallacy tomorrow.
    it is now, here and by us that we define the truth.
    and love is not what you seek in another but within yourself for it is within you to love..
    remarkably said by you sanjukta and I wouldn’t agree more :)


  2. would you???i wouldn’ maybe, it cant be generalised…

    true love…hmmm…what if it’s one sided? is that love too?or is it being in love with love?

    true love…i think can be explained with that fable by plato(or was it aristotle?) he had this theory, highly romantic i must warn u, that every man and woman came into the world as a half-ling. and the completeness would be found only when we’d found the other half.

    highly improbable i know…but at heart, i believe, in spite of many many “loves” we all dream of finding that perfect person who’ll perfectly complement us. a necessary illusion, perhaps??


  3. hi Rapunzel…you are right..plato is right too…we all are indeed incomplete unless we find that one person who compliments us

    and ya i think it is being in love with love…


  4. i think the second part is definatly tru…its like a courtship ritual. you dont chicks number till you do some hard work …samething here….but of course there are exceptions


  5. Hi Sanjukta,

    well, u have taken upon an endeavour to describe one of the most intriguing things in this world – LOVE ALMIGHTY…..

    The lesser said, the better. Coz words have never been enough to express LOVE, have they??
    The feeling of being in LOVE is more beautiful than LOVE itself i believe.

    Kitna bhi karlo, kam pad hi jaata hai… THIS IS LOVE


  6. Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion- David Icke.

    Media and occult symbolism are the real enemies we are facing in this so called war.


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