Its been long…have got a lot to write from my past, a lot of interesting stories couple of them are lying in the draft stage…would be out soon.

Meanwhile this is how the Delhi bloggers Meet go…read about it and please leave a comment.

I am happy these days…

IXth Delhi Blogger’s Meet , 18th December, Humayun Tomb, New Delhi

“Silence is Golden,
Beauty is Joy,
Laughter is Medicine and
Novelty, Life”

Here I sit to write about “how did the IXth Delhi Blogger’s Meet go”. Now the idea is to write in a way like we had the times of our lives and those who missed it missed an experience of a life time… Read on….

I reached the venue at 11.15 am and was preceded by Rajesh (silence). Since a small significant detail about the meeting point was missed out by the coordinators we had no choice but to stand in such a visible point and posture that any and everybody could identify us as none else but the Bloggers. However I couldn’t think of any such point and posture and Rajesh wasn’t a part of this thought process so we just moved around here and there for some 40 min before Asheeth (Novelty) and Pallav (laughter) arrived. As we all begin our chahal pahal a gentleman carrying a Nikon D 70 tried to intervene into the chahel pahel with an innocent question “err..the Delhi Bloggers?” Ah Guruji, aka Sanjay ‘Sanzen’ (Beauty) was here already to give us the photography Gyaan. we walked around some more time talking bout each other’s time and life, about this and that, blogging and photography etc. NOTE: the term WE doesn’t include Rajesh and all the while we were only hoping his silence would break at something…read on….

The meet actually kicked off with the arrival of Her Highness Twilight Fairy (beauty). With Sanjay being the guest of honor (well no matter what you’ve got to say Sanjay we’d call you the guest of honor) we were looking forward to an informal yet serious photography workshop. Though we can’t call it a proper workshop due to lack of participation but Sanjay did share a lot of trivia with us. The ABC s of Photography, the various types of film role, the lenses, if it’s a film wala camera, what should be the criteria to choose the speed of the film roll. What should be the settings on your digi cam when you are taking a moving picture and a lots more. We moved around the Monument taking pics and as we did so Sanjay kept giving us those little yet significant tips to get a better frame or lighting etc.

After the gyaan part, we all posed for Sanjay to have our photos which were taken by all sorts of latest technique (well the techniques are exclusively for those who attend the meet :D) and will have to wait and watch what happens thereafter on…

Ajay (laughter) who is no more a married single (he is just married now) joined the meet at halfway through only on condition that we all raise slowgun (err slogan) for him “we want A j a y” and so it was raised and then he padharofied. A lot followed him…like, never told true account of how Humayun’s wife killed one of his mistress and buried her at a such a place from where….and how humayun was not a metrosexual guy so there is no question of there being any hidden treasure, and further how the tomb is the latest addendum to the DDA list.

Keeping in tune with Art and Architecture the meet then moved to India Habitat Center. Lunch at Eatopia was followed by Photo Exhibitions ongoing in IHC.

The Grand Finale of the meet happened in a roadside chai and paan bidi ki dukaan. You know for some people (only some not all) some things are not complete until you have that cigarette and that special chai. We actually drove around Lodi looking for a chai shop which also had our choice of cigs.

All these while one person continued to bring about a revolution with his silence and we never reached that point where he could break his silence. Except for once when Rajesh spoke few things about the latest model and cost of the Laptops.

So there we had the time of our life…well honestly, without everybody’s support and company none of us can have the time of our life. Am sure not all of those who prefered to stay at home had the best sundays of their life…

We sure missed all of you who weren’t there…particularly those who are the otherwise regulars, those who wanted to join but couldn’t do so only cause you are out of town…you know who you are…Nevermind, there is always a next time…we have a long way to go with many such eventful meets…hope to see you all in the Xth DBM Meet.