I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…I wanna leave…

Take me away from here pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse.

Sanjay today told me “you are a lawyer, how come you people are buying a flat in Khirki Extention“. I wanted to bury myself in shame at that statement.

Dad would buy a flat in Khirki Extention. He would make the full and final payment and not want to see a single papers of the flat. And I can’t ask why? Every time I say something there is a big drama in the house. This is going on for the past 4-5 months now. Even if I want, I can’t keep my fucking mouth, which talks of the legal implications all the time, shut and his ego can’t stand his daughter asking questions.

I am told to keep the hell out of the whole issue its none of my damn business.

More than half of the payment has already been made relying upon the builder’s word. The other day the builder called up, “Arre aap paise leke kab aayenge hum ne to tenent rakh liya hai…saturday to shif kar jaayenge tenent” The builder would decide upon who is the tenent, how much rent would we get, when would the tenent shift. I can’t talk about having a proper verification of the tenent being done. “How much security money are we getting?” The damn me asked. “There is no security money. That’s how it works in khirki extention. The builder told me.” is what dad answered me. I had an argument on this day before yesterday. “How can you not talk about security money. Everybody takes it.” Dad got irritated and went to see the builder to call off the tenancy idea. Apparently the builder was pissed off at Dad’s change of mind and said things like, “aap ne to humein be ijjat kar diya, aap hi ne to bolatha kiraya pe chadana hai, aap ka to koi baat ka kuch value hi nahi hai.” Dad came back home fuming at me, I am responsible for all the bad things the builder told him. Such nice couple they were who wanted to take the flat on rent. Such nice and honest is the builder and dad had to let them down all because of my fucking mind which looks at innocent people with suspicion.

When I came back from work today I heard that tomorrow the full and final payment would be done. This bloody mouth had to speak out “have you seen the title deeds?” what about the papers?” “Papers are only given once the payment is done” came the answer. “How many houses have you bought and sold dad?” I was calm. “Shut up. Like you know a hell lot of it.” yelled dad.

Earlier, I had once said just as a passing thought, I can have a chamber in that flat. “You don’t know anything, you are incapable of having a chamber.”

I can’t take the disrespect he shows to me. I wanna be out of this house. I wanna leave Delhi. I will go to bombay and do mazdoori, i would break patthar, I would beg. I am leaving delhi whether or not I get a job in Bombay.


Damn I can’t leave right away….My friend needs me desperately…


7 thoughts on “>|<

  1. just let it go… fall free… for once. something that Sir Oscar Wilde wrote in the picture of dorian gray .. “Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.”
    make the mistake… friends… they can do with your essence and do away with your presence , dontcha think girly?


  2. oopsy daisies .. me and my motor-mind … too mechanically perfect and humanely imperfect, excuse my presumptousness … I thought u were scared to let go … well now in retrospect I know, u aren’t … apologies, from the frantic one :P


  3. ya sanju you are right and i understand the concern that you have for your family, after all your dad is retired and he is giving all his hard earned money and major chunk of his savings to buy a flat in khirki extn which is an unauthorised col. i wnt to kotla once to buy a shop, later dad did verification and it turned that there r 4 owners to tht property and sme of the area have been illegally occupied and there is a court case on that running, also as and whn any bakra gives money to buy lig flat or shop there then the construction starts as the broker sd they r building a shopping complex there, it ws under construction but there were no labourers. Property shd be bought very carefully and after proper verification as once the money is gone….your daddy wud be at the greatest loss…but may be he thinks he is right so there is no point arguing over it, god forbid if something wrong happens , he would realise his mistakes…u knw…god has his own way of teaching lessons..so stop worrying over it..he has taken a decision on his own…u actually can;t do musch on this but fight his case ..if smething goes wrong..he shd hv had atleast this much faith in u…bt i guess some people r designed that way…sonu’s father also thinks his children are good fr nothing, he is the smartest of them all..and thts why he has constructed all ulta seedha kitchen and covered the balcony…and the house is a mess any way..why talk abou it….jst wait and pray..all goes well..big societies are in big scandals if he reads the newspaper..i am talking about dwarka scandal..CGHS wala…and in his case its jst a small builder capable of even running away wth all the money…


  4. waah..waah…mazdoori ke paseena baha ke dekho:).. rooge:P..waise..dads r like that…
    i still cnt make my dad do proper investments:)..he wants his money stashed in public sector ‘safe’ bank:)


  5. damn..that musta hurt.
    reading ur post makes me feel real angry at eh builder mafia all over again,
    and damn pissed for u not being able to make ur dad see reason.
    but running away wont help.
    neways, what will be the DBM meets without u? :)


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