This is one of my post on the creativegarh community mailing list…The topic was about a defining moment in someone’s life. An uncanny coincidence that makes a change for life…come to think of it now, I do have some such defining moments though the mail isn’t exactly about that…Read on.


Not sure if I have any defining moment or not…Most probably I don’t, but talking about paranormal I have had many incidents which has made me believe there’s something spooky about me, like I have the power of making things happen. well Not exactly make happen whatever i want. Its like when I am deeply jealous (I am a jealous person) or when i am very angry that negetive energy within me does have some impact somwhere around me…

For eg..this one time i had a crush on this coleague of mine…we had a touring job and we used to travel in teams…Now before one such trip that he was about to go i was extremly jealous of this girl who was gonna be his tour partner…and i wanted to be there in her place. The night before the day he was about to leave, he met with an accident and he couldn’t go. He wasn’t badly hurt or anything but of course he coudn’t travel for two consecutive trips. As a compensation he got a much longer trip and this time I accompanied him (our coordinator knew bout the crush :D) and yeah we had the time of our lives.

And that wasn’t the only time. There was another time when I didn’t want him to go…and our team coordinator had a sudden last minute change of mind and changed his travel plans

I have had many such coincidences. In School standard 4th, my class teacher made me stand outside the class the whole day, wasn’t even allowed to have lunch…just coz I had forgot to get my class work copy….its been such a long time and I still feel that pain and agony…i stood silently all day while the world kept burning inside of me. After couple of days she took a long break from school. we didn’t know why she wasn’t coming. Later we heard she had lost one of her ailing parents (cant remember who).I never wanted my sister to study in this particular college and her admission got screwed up inspite of having undergone the entire process properly…thereafter she got into JNU and now she thinks language is what she ever wanted to do and nothing could have been better than this.

There are more such things which I cannot publicly mention…But I never wish or pray for anything to happen….don’t believe God has any such scheme of granting or not granting people’s prayers…

Another time it was when I had lost my grandpa, about two months later my Dad’s uncle also passed away and about 15 days later this Uncle’s daughter-in-law (My Aunt) too passed away. two-three days before her expiry I saw this dream, An UFO type flying vehichle taking off from our house’s main gate two men and one woman onboard, smiling and waving at me. I could clearly identify one of the men as my Grandpa though I couldn’t recall the faces of the other two people.

Not many people would believe….fact is I had second and third and fourth thoughts before writing this mail…but then there are really so many things one can’t explain…

wow that’s a long mail…gotta stop now..

take care everyone
C u around…


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