My response to Akash’s touching story on what the cruel cold is doing to the street dwellers…

There is a way out trust me…its just that the way isn’t easy..If you wanna help read this link… talk to the workman there and find out more on the matter…what are the promises made to them by the contractor, what are the labour conditions provided to them by the contractor…the contractors are required to follow certain law, where the contractors doesn’t, the principal employer is held responsible…

That’s the law, when a law is made but not implemented and the Government doesn’t take action against such non implementation…a Petition can be filed in HC/SC against the Government. Fact is, you can just write a letter to High court, after having done a little more survey and fact finding…and High Court will take it from there…

And don’t come to me saying the courts don’t work…I never said the road is easy.
Akash further wanted to know if there is any NGO working in this feild and also for farmers. I am sure there would be NGOs who are working for the labour class but I don’t know them. May be you’d have to do some google search to find that out. I have a different point to make here. I try to talk about this whenever we can. The answer to all questions, the end of all troubles lies nowhere else but in our own hands. If you see injustice, misery, pain around you and you feel something needs to be done about it, don’t go about searching for an NGO to do it. Do it yourself.
We know these days NGOs are mushrooming like anything to see the naked side of it most of these NGOs are being registered for the sole purpose of fund bungling. I have been a part of a huge Evaluation Project so I know. Soon, I too would be another mushroom (me and some friends have registered an NGO, ‘We the People’ and we’d be formally starting the projects by next month). I won’t bother to claim ‘a’ ‘b’ and ‘c’ were fund bungling NGO but not ours. An NGO is not the savior of mankind. Savior is us. Every single one of us. We need to understand that when an action has to be taken it should be taken first hand by us. Well as far as possible. Of course we all have our own priorities in life. I therefore have this vision that ideally an NGO should be a platform where any such person, like Akash here, with compassion can contribute his bit in whichever way possible.

The organisation that we have visioned would be one such common platform. An army of volunteers needs to be created. Young men, women, students, artists, businessman etc. who have a compassionate soul and an opinionated mind, and an willingness to contribute will be a soldier in this Army. We would be giving a support system, technical as well as ideological, and the actual work would be done by such volunteers. Advocate Ashok Agarwal of Social Jurist have this vision that if there is 3000 MCD school in Delhi we should have 3000 volunteers each adopting once school. All that is required to be done by such volunteer is go and visit the school in free time, move around the community around the school, ensure all children are going to school and that there is no impediments in their right to edcuation. Where you find some impediments try to sort it out by talking to the principal of the school or at the lest make a call to the Right to Education Task Force help line.

More details on RETF would be poseted soon.

If you want to be such a voluntter let me know.