In life it is so very rare that you meet someone that you truely like and that someone also happens to like you…to find is difficult to keep is an effort…a lot of care and concern …it is just that much and we fail to achieve…

That smile, that look, that thing…its very delicate, very fragile, if you find it carry it with caution, handle it with care…

I wanted to say those above lines to someone. Composed a mail 5 times with those lines but couldn’t send…What’s the point in saying. If he wants to loose me so let it be…It’s not that I didn’t make efforts to tell him. He knows I like him. He liked me too…wonder where in the line does the things get screwed. I have absolutely no idea what happened to us. Why did we just drift away. I don’t know if he wants to see me again, is he ever gonna call me again? What will happen if I bump into him someday at some common event? Will we talk? May be we won’t. I have already known how it feels to pretend like you were absolute strangers. Some of the ‘YOU’ dies inside and you are only half alive then. If that happens again I would be full dead.


2 thoughts on “That smile, handle it with care

  1. reminsd me of a song by Bob Dylan…

    And when we meet again,
    introduced as friends,
    please don’t let on,
    that you knew me then…

    From never being apart how come we drift so far that we refuse to acknowledge the others presence in our midst.. truly baffling I find it…

    nice blog.


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