Some times you gotta give a little piece of your mind to people………lest they start taking you too forgranted. I went to Nagpur for an interview in an NGO. They have sent me an offer letter yesterday and this is what I mailed them today………Read on……

Dear Madam,

This is to let you know that I have received your offer letter for the post of Documentalist. I have to regretfully mention here that the amateurish way in which the interview process have been handled so far by your organization is not expected from an Esteemed organization like yours.

As you are aware I had applied for and was called for the interview for the post of Project Coordinator, Para Legal Studies. I applied for the said post given my particular interest, field level experience and expertise over the subject ‘Para Legal Studies’. In the face to face interview dated 7th February 2006 with the Executive Director it was deduced that my inability to follow Marathi Language is the only hindrance as far as Documentation of the Project Activities were concerned. Given my Legal Background, my personal contacts with the socio-legal experts and my work experience I am confident I could have contributed exceptionally to the project ‘Para Legal Studies’ and taken it to a higher level.

However it seems there has been a misunderstanding between what I thought you were looking for in the candidate and what you were actually looking for. As per our telephonic conversation post interview I was told by you that I do not have enough experience of documentation, it is surprising that you are now offering me a post of Documentalist, a post for which I did not apply.

I also do not understand why would the organization need an Advocate with almost 4 years of experience for the post of Documentalist.

Further, it seems there has been a communication gap regarding the remuneration. I had clearly mentioned my expectation, so as to avoid any confusion in the later stage, and decided to come down for the interview to Nagpur only after you agreed to offer a package of Rs. ******/-.

Everybody’s time is precious. If we do not have clear perceptions and proper focus everybody’s time shall be wasted. It seems YUVA’s perceptions regarding the Post, the pre-requisite qualifications, the job profile and the remuneration was not very clear.

I hope we associate with each other for a more appropriate post and project in the future

Please Forgive my Honesty.

Thanks and Regards