Its been so long that I got tagged…Finally responding

Was tagged by Beautiful and Insane by the same tag…and if I am not too wrong the most popular one recently… 8 points of a perfect Lover am making it 10 somehow just can’t do in 8.

Target – Male
availability – haven’t found him yet

  1. He should be intelligent and cultured.
  2. Should have a brain that thinks a mind that opines and speaks a heart that listens. He should have a thought process, should have a strong set of believes and should respect his believes… its immaterial whether I believe in what he believes in or not…
  3. Should be sympathetic, kind, considerate and helpful.
  4. Should be an extrovert and a crowd puller.
  5. Should not be judgmental, should not be fussy, should not crib, fret or frown.
  6. Should be strong mentally and physically. I like being taken care of…I like being scolded when I do something stupid
  7. Should be adventurous and sporty. I have a fantasy of going on adventure trek with my lover…we trek throughout the day and make love in the night…we explore nature together… we leave behind the world and remember just each other.
  8. He should be honest and open. I don’t like people who keep a lot of secrets. And one single incident of lie is enough to blow up a life time of love and affection
  9. This one might sound strange but he should be possessive about me coz I am gonna be possessive about him. I should mean the world to him (and should definately mean more than his mom to him)
  10. And the award goes to…he should be passionate…about anything…preferably me…but will do even if he is passionate bout his car, his books, his work, his hobbies, his believes.

So there goes….the perfect menu to jeopardise all chances of a marriage :D

Am not tagging anyone except my Sister coz this thing has become passe I believe.

Beautiful and Insane, I did it at last better late than never what say? Thanks for tagging :)