A mail I posted to 3 yahoo groups…. proposing a protest March for Jessica… I got in all 4 responses.

This is Regarding the Jessica Lal Murder case…posting this message to all the Yahoo group I follow.

“The legal experts say that her family members cannot even ask for a retrial themselves. Is that correct, Sanjukta?”

Yes, that’s correct. As per criminal jurisprudence a crime is committed not against the victim but aganist the State, which represents the society at large. The victim or is/her family has no personal interest in a criminal case. A criminal prosecution is initiated by the State and the victim has no option of either initiating or withdrawing a criminal prosecution. That being so an application for Review of judgment or Retrial is only to be given by the State.

Also to be noted here is that fact that Retrial is not really a possibility since we have the legal principle that “no person should be tried twice for the same offence,” reinvestigation is a possibility here.

All news channels, radio channels and I am sure many others are trying to pitch in, to somehow get justice to the wronged party”

What are we doing? I am thinking let’s have a protest march, not a very tiring or time consuming one……….. just gotta show we protest……….you know like those IHC walks…and not just one, a series of march till something constructive happens to the case…the objective being to pursue the state to seek a retrial/reinvestigation/appeal.

We can start this sunday from say Supreme Court…followed by each sunday at different venues… The message is simple and is addressed to Supreme Court.

“We all know this is injustice, now please do something to bring justice back…there must be some way”

Venue needs to be different so that passerby of different areas gets the message and if willing can join hands. We will need some posters and banners carrying the message.

Let’s team up with all other groups we know…….yahoo/google/ryze/flicker etc. also include our freinds and family. We can also do it like a relay…everybody need not be present in all the march the idea is to keep following up with the case not just forget about it…

Lemme know what you all think about it. Raise hands those who are in. Suggestion and counter ideas most welcome.