Mirage, this feeling
Beware, fight it
Look behind
What did you get last time
Hope is a fool’s sweetest dream.

I have been loosing all hopes of ever falling in love and having a relationship. It seems the two shall never meet, my parameters of what I want from a man and his parameters of his woman. It all seems to be a long distant dream now of meeting someone, liking him, dating him for sometime, spend some nice quality time with him, get proposed by him, actually hear the words “I love you” in a real person’s voice, have those silly fights and then plant a kiss of sorry on each others lips, those dreaming together of a home….none of these sweet nothings are ever going to happen in my life it seems.


12 thoughts on “Mirage this feeling

  1. Dear Sanju,
    I feel for you and I feel that this is MY fate as well. dont know why the simplest things in life are the hardest to find and accomplish. i dont have any way of providing hope. so i just wont offer any hope but will offer a shoulder to cry on and also the assurance that ur NOT the only one, there are many of us expecting the same things as u do and most often than not we’re disaapointed:( I hope God fulfills all ur dreams!



  2. Hi there,

    I can understand…as human it is very basic need for companionship and the feeling of being loved by some one special.

    But never lose hope…never ever, God has decided something for all of us,,no one is ignored…some get it soon some get it late in life…but no one remains empty handed…


  3. Sanj!!
    Don’t be so sad ya!!! its ok..
    it happens to all those people who build their dream homes and dont really use their brains and are (mis)guided by their heart.

    Someday, a truly beautiful person would see the real beauty within you and stay in your life forever.

    Don’t lose hope.

    -From a person who
    really does not have anything to
    hope for.
    trust me.


  4. @ Monica and ES, Thanks for religiously visiting blog and for the shoulder friend… At least we are there for each other…

    @ Anonymous, your comment made me feel for you, although I wrote this post.. would still want to tell you to have hope.. and remember if you have nothing left to hope for you have me :) Keep visiting

    @ Chosen one, dont think its too much to ask for..no wonder men never know what women want


  5. Hey men!! where are you? There is nothing called true love in this world.. read history, all true lovers died and suffered.
    You are lucky that you didnt fall into this damn thing called Love, believe me, i have fell flat in it and its not good either.
    Everything is business..
    Take love and give love..
    No strings attached..
    Fulfill you lust and move on..

    Ricky :(


  6. That’s not true Ricky…I think Love can’t be defined as true or false, Like God Love is beyond common perceptions and is divine… What you feel whan you are in love is a priceless feeling… You are lucky to have found it… of course nothing is for forever..


  7. I am also one of the fools in your article, so cant offer any thing constructive except for hope and another shoulder to cry on.

    Maybe I sound a bit too religious but I would just say
    “Trust in GOD”,
    he can do miraculous things.


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