If this was a perfect world, This man would have been my perfect man and we would have fallen in love so very perfectly that we would have lived happily ever after….

Thanks god this isn’t a perfect world

Talking about dazenamused. I have been reading his blog for quite some time. Though he has deleted most of his previous posts now…. a darn honest dreamer, wishing every moment of his life could be that perfect moment of ecstasy…. but realising everything is just a dream not for real. Like a kid he is ready to give up everything he has for a small little nothing, say a smile on that special someone’s face, but lost his innocense in being wary about every thing and being around. He tries in vain to be ruthless, to reject the extended hands, to scare away all of them…and when his defence mechanism doesn’t work he sheds silent tears and burts into cruel laugh…To you, that’s what I could gather bout you from your blog…that’s the way you are in my dream, don’t try to correct me even if I am wrong, let it be….