This is one of the hardest thing to do…and I could never do it properly. To know everything you want is right there infront of you and not being able to reach out and have them. And yet not being able to get over it and move on. You don’t stop wishing you could have them, you don’t stop wishing and praying, you know there is no hope and still you try to hold on to that weak string of hope… Has it ever happened to you?

This is what is happening to me these days… And I can’t even fully write about it here cause some one reads this blog quite regularly… Although that is the purpose of this blog, here I say things, which I can’t say at your face.

I don’t know what to do?
Wait and watch?
Get over and move on?

I too was trying out and then I found something which is like the best I could ever afford to have, now I want to stop trying and zero in on this thing that I have found. Again, that’s what ‘I’ want.
Life otherwise is going great…been partying almost every weekend. Thanks to all the special friends, specially you ES. After a real long time I once again have friends in my life. Otherwise I am mostly surrounded with a crowd. we make a great group and its fun to be with all you guys RM, YD, AG, AB.
The Delhi Bloggers Meet is happening once again and this time it is really special for me. Life takes such unpredictable turns… just at the wake of me completing one year in blogging I got this mail from one Julian Siddle from BBC UK. Apparently Julian got my email ID through one of the Community Blogs that I am a part of. He is coming down to India to shoot a special edition of his program Digital Planet and wanted to get in touch with me and my blogging coleagues (that’s how he wrote in his mail) to get an idea bout the blog culture here in India.

The mail took me completely by surprise. It once again (previous being the AIMC Seminar) puts me under the spotlight so far as blogging is concerned. Both the community blog was started by Ankur and he has more number of posts on them. Both of us have our mail ids up there, it probably was just a matter of chance that they contacted me. And here I am coordinating the meet with everybody asking me, “how did you manage to get BBC on the event?” Everyone around speculating all the high connections I must be having in BBC.

I could finally get the password to DBM‘s official blog. Ever since Harneet left the group it hasn’t being properly updated. Will do it hence forth. Have already done the necessary updates. Why do I do all these I don’t know. I guess I just assumed, for no reason, that I am the moderator of this group. I was nothing more than just another member who joined the list via the blog and there started yet another eventful chapter in my biography. The fight over the name Delhi Blogger’s Meet with Shivam Vij and Co., the differences with Harneet, the then moderator, his exit from the group, his exit being blamed upon me by Amitken……and more…..and then all was calm followed by some low profile meets attended by few new joiners. The January meet was good though and hopefully this forthcoming meet too would have some good participation.