With a spectacular Charm and a brilliant smile he is every woman’s dream come true and yet he isn’t the one for you…or may be you aint the one for him.A little loud…some times rude too…but at least no pretentions…that’s the first impression that will probably be built by him on you, a man whose every move is not guided by how much attention he can seek from the gorgeous girl in view. A man who can be friend with anybody and everybody in just a hello, a man who belongs to a group and yet keeps his identity aloof, someone who listens to everyone, tries to help, but seldom talks about himslef, and yet keeps asserting he is the GOD.

Long after he has gone his smile still remains fresh in your mind. Every time you call him, you are greeted with a wide smile which you can actually hear over the phone, and a long hiiiiii, he makes you feel good that you called. He is very busy but he tries to keep in touch with the large number of friends he has… he allots his time accordingly, some of his freinds keep calling him and complaining “You never call” he says “Sorry, I should call, will call” and then tries to manage his time again.

He is someone who you know is gonna be a friend forever but he is some one who you can not keep to yourself for too long… he is someone who belongs to the whole world and yet doesn’t belongs to anyone… he is always on the run, talks and walks fast, like a butterfly you just can’t catch him. He comes like a flash of light, brightening up your ngiht, but you get so little of him and you always long for more.

He doesn’t really know what love is, yet he is looking for that eternal love and cause he learnt it over the years that it doesnt exists, he will do all he can to deny that he is looking for it….


If you just change all the *He* to *She* you’ll get me……..
One small tiny step at a time…everything seems to be blurred…..