Coming back from work today (Dilli Haat after work) I felt like driving till the end of the world. Wished the 6.5 Km long road connecting Dwarka to South Delhi never comes to an end, felt like taking the NH8 to jaipur and from there to some where else. I just wanted to go on and on and on… Me and my thoughts on the run.

Dino called ES while she was sitting with me in the car, he was discussing the trip to Gharwal. I asked him yesterday if they can postpone it till the last week coz I would like to go, he said “talk to Amit he is organising, not me.” Another chapter closed all it took to close it was just a turn of leaf.

Why can’t things be left at vague…why does it have to end? All stories must have climax and a The End, that’s why.

I really wanna take those roads one of these days… Some one asked me today if I was happy. I never ask this question to myself surprisingly the answer was quite simple. Yes I am. Any body who reads my open heart here on this blog would think I am one of the most unhappy. Well it just occurred to me its actually so easy to be happy in life, all you need is just a little tact. I am happy being unhappy. I love my loneliness and my pain, they make me a special person, they are my muses, my source of inspiration for my writing…they make my life worth living, some day they will make my life worth reading. Given a chance I would not want to change anything of life. Really I have no regrets, I believe everything that I do or have done is unique and special in its own way. I stand out and that’s what matters to me. No fun being the happy go lucky girl next door. They laugh at me, think I am fooling myself, may be i am but let it be, I am happy this way. They think I live a life full of false presumptions, I see world through my eyes only. So what if that makes me feel good about the world and about myself, that serves the purpose.

I am not talking sense. Stop here. End post.


2 thoughts on “One of these days, I will fly

  1. hi,
    i knw how you feel. but u knw..thye made fun of einstein, adison, socrates, galileo…

    so .. its actually a compliment..tht people cant oppose u so how do thy win, by mockery…

    2nd it takes a lot of confidence and emotional maturity to handle any relationship. if someone does nt knw it…bettr let go…

    people cme anfd go..thy did cme b4 also thye wud cme in future does nt stop fr any one…
    u hold on the good things let go the bad ones…

    and the good thing is u r still sorrounded by real frnds, caring parents, family, a home, a pet, a job, ambitions, general feeling of being content…which makes a lot of sense…so let go things which are petty like (u knw who)


  2. Hi,I think u r unique,what r u into .R u a psychologist r wat? Even I have a question 4u.before that let me make sure that I am not a flirter r ….I will ask u only when u reply 2 this


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