I don’t want to write this blog anymore.


12 thoughts on “Just wanted to say

  1. Hello Sajukta
    i have a query…..few days back u people organized a DBM at India habitat centre ampitheatre…..

    can u tell me, wats the process of bookign the place or is it like any1 can go and sit and talk out there…..
    this is quite urgent….cuz this time we r planning to organize Orkut Delhi meet there……


  2. thanx for answering the query…..i have added u on yahoo and left some offline mesgs….

    my email id is deepak79@gmail.com

    sorry for not posting it earlier…….
    thanx again

    for ODM-V
    every1 is invited….please visit the ODM-V thread on Orkut – New Delhi community and post ur name there…..hope to c u there :)


  3. when i first saw this post, i thought you were joking.

    i guess i was wrong.

    anyways, i hope u do start writing again.

    at the very least – it is good typing practice.


  4. You want to stop writing this blog…or do you want to stop writing altogether? I sooo hope its the former.

    I wandered here (from Toinks blog) and got somewhat hooked after reading your intro. Quite something.

    Puhleeze don’t stop writing…not NOW!


  5. Well I think you are jst suffering from the perils of revelaing too much about yourself in a blog. Should have kept it anonymous. But you can always start again or probably would have even started :)


  6. You have a excellent mind. If you stop writing you may primarily be stopping exercising your mind.

    The decision is yours. But sure we shall miss it. You writings are too good.

    Carry on for your sake and for our sake….cheers


  7. Alas .. somebody told me this one is a very interesting blog and when i come here I see this post …

    How more unlucky can I get ;-)

    Hope to see you revert your decision …

    Would love to know a person of these thoughts personally …


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