Remember that old wrapping paper?

It’s been years, you were quite young then, it was your birthday. One of your friends gift wrapped a present for you with that paper. What was the present, I guess you don’t remember anymore, you probably don’t even remember who gifted it, but that wrapping paper was nice. Wasn’t too glossy neither was it too colorful, it had a soothing pastel shade which actually doesn’t even look much attractive at first sight. In fact, you didn’t even bother to be careful while un wrapping the gift and so it lay tore, twisted and crumpled from all sides as you threw it on the desk adding to the pile of all such wrappers tags etc.

I remember you took note of it only the next morning when your mom was cleaning up the room. She was trashing the paper bits, the deflated balloons, the gift cartons, the chocolate wrappers, the paper plates etc. in the bin, when that wrapper caught your eyes. You quickly took it out of the pile and kept it carefully in your book shelf. You thought it would be of use some day…..may be in a collage or might even be used as a wrapper in case you forget to pick one from the stationary……but then, you lost sight of it.

You had a habit of saving things for later use… And so it too got dumped along with many such small items that you had kept. In your cupboard it lay purpose-less, help less… all it could do is wait… wait for you to some day take a look at it… It kept waiting wishing and praying you pick it up someday with a smile and give it the worth for which you originally saved it… days passed, months rolled, turned into years and went by but the wait seemed to be never ending. The cupboard seemed to be filled with more and more such stuffs… it was pushed towards the bottom, deep down it tried to remain in sight but couldn’t.

Are you looking for it today? Is it that wrapper that you are crazily searching all over your room, in your cupboard, book shelf, lofts, old paper bags, old ragged files…and you can’t find it. I can see you sweating and exasperating, you are so sure you kept it right there on that inner cabinet but it’s not there anymore. You are getting more and more irritated for you just can’t figure out where it went.

Oh c’mon why don’t you get it? You simply lost it. You won’t find it ever. Wonder what made you think you will continue ignoring something, which you once thought was precious, and it will still be yours.