Time for another DBM. I am not too sure where is this powerful community of bloggers going with these series of Meets…two and half years and we still figuring out what is the substance of our commune…

Nevermind, I in anycase am always looking forward to all of them. So here is welcoming all delhi Based Bloggers to the meet…its a bit too short notice I know… was decided hurriedly…

The ‘others’ are also having a meet on Sunday. The twain shall never meet…Such a new genre this ‘bloggers’ and such lack of unity already.

This is ours XIIth and theirs must be 5th or 6th I don’t know. Interestingly we do meets in every two months or so and they do it every month so pretty soon they are gonna outnumber us on the total meets they have had although they started two years after we did. It’s not about competition, its about an excellent idea being pre maturely lost into oblivion due to lack of enthusiasm and ambition.

May be I think about it way too much for the reason that blogging and this Blogger’s group is one of the best things that has happened to me. I cannot even begin to talk about what all have changed in my life, how I have re-discovered myself ever since I started writing this blog. I was recently on CNN IBN talking bout hte ban on blogs issue. Glimpses of me was on NDTV and was interviewd by The Guardian, Deccan Herald and Indian Express. The hype I got at the last DBM…my guest lectures at APJ…Can’t deny it all feels good… am not at all one of those humble souls for whom fame doesn’t matter…

So Cafe Turtle, Khan Market, Lodi, New Delhi is where I would be tomorrow, 29th July at 5 pm meeting some of the delhi based bloggers.

Come along if you are around
Current Song – Mujhe mat roko, mujhe saajan ke ghar jaane do from Gangster.
Don’t I always say I am gonna be “gone too soon”, time for me to move on please don’t hold me back, I like it when you do but let me go…


3 thoughts on “Yet another DBM

  1. Hey, I’ve made a website called ShareaPlanthat all the goold folks attending the meet can use. It’s an online way to enhance offline events.
    The event at Cafe Turtle is listed there-it’s public so anyone can register as attending, scribble their profiles, forward friends etc.


  2. true…

    XII meets and no purpose. aren’t we heading in a void? after RTI, media response n e’thin, shudn’t we hv some responsibilities?

    still wonderin…


  3. yes i also feel the “blogger” purposelessness…but bloggers cant really jump onto one…chucks..hate this “CAREER banao” phase of mine….anyway i hope u had a grt meet.


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