This post is in reaction to Paavani’s post. First I started writing in her comments section, then I thought of writing on the DBM mailing list. Finally I thought it would be safest to post it here. However I couldn’t post it to blogger (for some reason i couldn’t publish) so posted on the mailing list. And once again all hell broke loose.

I wonder why is it so difficult to express

First of all Paavani I applaud your bravery on this post.. though I am not sure if you are yourself aware or not but you have raised some extremely sensitive issues…

“So the question is when there is a popularity of such event, people love to be
part of bloggers meet even though internally they feel its more like a socializing meet. And you expect to meet new friends and on getting chances, you mingle up”

a) What is the substance of this commune…where are we going with all these meets?

AFAIK the bloggers when were united in this forum… the purpose was to just try out something new, the culture of net users was very different back then and as TF puts it in the BBC program “meeting people you have only known through web wasn’t very common” untill this happen. The first meet am sure must have happened under exitement and little bit of apprehension but then they actually liked it and continued with it…

Off late I have begin to wonder after 2+ years and a series of significant meets isn’t it time for something more substantial and constructive

“Why did they never become one? And what were the issues that rose up for
registration and most important what about those bloggers’ opinion who
joined both the groups? Is there any difference”

b) Why two seperate groups under same nomenclature and the politics amongst them?

Who better can talk about this but me….. you gotta ask the oldies of both the groups to understand who better but me… But I am falling short of courage these days so would refrain. Just one thing, blogging politics haven’t begun in India yet in the true sense but its not too far… Your post have instance of it though is a little scattered.

One small eg. The XIIth Meet was called in a very short notice and we had 22 member participating… with big shots like Dan coming along…… now there surely is a politics behind it and one needs to understand that…

BTW what registration are you talking bout? Don’t tell me the other group have done some kinda registration….

c) Why some members who quit some time back have joined again? Did they join only for the XIIth meet or have they joined the group again? Do they have a notion as to what is the purpose of this group since they are the oldest and also the founding members. What is their present take on the existence of two groups? Are they a part of the other groups?

d) And finally honestly how was the XIIth Meet? Could all those who attended give an honest opinion of the meet?

Personally if I was a first timer in this meet I wouldn’t have been interested in coming for another one. Not saying it was bad but not worth repeating especially with the cost that was involved. The 22 never interacted as a group except for the round of introduction. As soon as it was over everybody was busy talking amongst themselves. There was no fecilitator and no one to hold a discussion. The venue was chosen arbitly and important points like balance between financial capacity and spending preferences of all members, location, choice of food and timings were not kept in mind.

I am always the one to ask the wrong questions, am always giving the bad news…. while I too won’t take name but I have been told by a member, and i quote, “delhibloggers need some strong moderation I think, I feel the group is degenerating into idle talk.”

I am not supporting this statement completely for I don’t think it needs moderation… but I am concerned about (asking me what is *my* concern? good question but I don’t have an answer) such bloggers who join this community with a certain perceptions and expectations but are disappointed….

May be we should have more opinion on all that…


Please don’t start a flame war…. that’s not at all my intention… would rather like to Apologise in advance if any of my staments amount to flaming…..and I also don’t have the courage to fight anymore flame wars….

The word *politics* here is being used in its true sense as used in social and philosophical research and not as understood in the popular indian context.