People sometimes act so cowardly and hypocritically. I once wrote this testimonial for some one I knew. Asked for his feedback on what I had to write about him. He read it and got so panic stricken, left offliners for me, comments on the blog itself and then spoke over the phone asking me to do the needful editing. The reason for panic…only the following words

the rest of his time is spent in drinking and shopping.

I haven’t written drinking what…haven’t mentioned anything like he drinks a lot and is a drunkard. Just the mention of drinks is defamatory for him. He is an IITian and an MBA has spent 3 years in abroad (Ameriaca, Singapore etc) holding top notch corporate position and yet by those words I have put him at the risk of loosing his reputation in the eyes of society and family. This is what he had to say (Yahoo Messenger Offliners)

SP: dont forget internet is an open book! u have to be careful about what u
write else people can make 1+1 = 4!
SP: oye madam … yeh kya kya likh rakha hai aapne logon ke baare mein! no
one here drinks like a fish or shops like an alcoholic! all we do is have a
party or 2 in a month! Kindly edit as not only my friends/bros/sis are net savvy
but also this sends a wrong message across!

A wrong message??? Coz I said drinks? Reputation of what? Since when did drinking become such a taboo. Who are you fooling man. Don’t the people around you already know that you drink. And a friendly testimony, in which, of the many things there is a passing reference to your drinking habits would be taken so seriously by your friends and family? Strange!

Grow up People of India. Open your eyes to things which are of much more significance than mere reputation, tradition, culture, morality, sanctity, decent indecent…there’s much more to the human existence. Log kya sochenge…kab tak hum is sawal mein uljhe rahenge…can I not find one person who isn’t burdened with this question, whose soul is free. How can we close our eyes to things which are too evident to proclaim that they doesn’t exist.

Probably your Net-savy sisters also drink and if they do….big deal… shouldn’t be an issue with your parents or family.