Blog Camp

Ok I may be a tad late in talking about the Blog Camp Unconference…but its never too late.. I cannot even begin to explain how much I would have loved to be a part of it and how much I have got to talk about blogs and blogging. Regular readers of my blog would know why… May be soon we should have a Delhi Edition of Blog Camp and then I would be an active participant.

Only yesterday I had another lecture in AIMC on Media and Law, but the students were more enthu to talk about blogging given the fact that their Swagat Sir has been influencing them 24/7 about powers of blogs. Swagat is always so exited about the blogs and is always trying to be innovative about its use. He wants all his students to share their class notes. He wants me conduct a one day blogging workshop with his students.

They kept saying India have to go a long way in blogging well not after such a huge event like blog camp. The list of participants is as glamorous as it could get including Sunil Gavaskar on board. I would be mailing Bill and Julian regarding the Blog camp.

So if you are in Chennai on 9th and 10th September you better be sane and attend it.

An article I wrote for AIMC Seminar which not many read am linking here again given its relevance to this post. Click here. My efforts to put some sense and direction to the DBM is also of significance once again. I cannot believe how a bunch of around 150 bloggers who have been in this community for a little less than 3 years now still cannot think of doing anything more constructive than sipping cofee and ‘meeting new people’ in their meets. Every time I have tried to talk about it those guys have blamed me for thinking too much and getting too serious with something so casual as blogging. One of them actually sent me hate mails blaming me of being a cheap attention seeker. For once I thought I would put up his derogatory mails for all to see but then I thought why should I get dirty myself.

I fail to understand with the government banning some blogs, the RTI applications and the media attention how can blogging still remain a casual matter an avenue only to meet new people and socialize.



2 thoughts on “Blog Camp

  1. This is about corruption in Cement Corporation in India Ltd., with its Head Office at Scope Complex, Core 5, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003.
    Highly Qualified South Indians are not promoted for 17 years, but corrupt North Indians,especially Bihari Community, are all Promoted,like Param Hans Singh, Annirudh Singh, peaople accused of corruption,people who cannot even read and write are sitting in important positions and collecting money doing all sorts of evil things,sharing theit loot with people with important people above.they demand Rs.2.00Lakhs from South Indians to promote them. How do you cope with such situations after you have spent 17 years in this Organisations. Earlier we had 12 cement manufacturing factories, but now we have only 3. please help us. please keep our identity confidential.


  2. Aha, so this is where you have your e-home now. Been ages since I came back here and for some reason looks like I misplaced the bookmark as well.

    Looks like you been blogging quite serious now. Will be good to read a lawyer’s perspective.


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