Every little bit have been taken care of. Its been a lot of hard work and I just hope it goes great. Talking about the South Asia Training of Trainers on CEDAW workshop to be held in TERI Gurgaon from 25th to 29th September 2006. The event is being funded by UNIFEM and executed by PLD.

South Asian lawyers working in the field of women’s rights issues are here to participate in the training. We have participants coming from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bhutan.

Now what is CEDAW. Its an international Convention on Elimination of all kinds of Discrimination Against Women. Most of these south asian countries including India is a signatory of this convention. CEDAW is the parellel of UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and is the only source for women rights. Why women rights when we have human rights. To know the answer to that question one needs to understand the text of CEDAW which is as complicated as it can be. Lawyers take time to understand the convention so one can imagine how difficult it is for a grass root level activist to weave the CEDAW principle into their work. This is where PLD have had a major contribution, training development executives on CEDAW.

For the first time PLD is going to have a training for trainers. This time the participans are of higher level and they are further expected to disseminate the training obtained here development executives in their countries working in the relevant fields. We have also prepared a very enriching resource package.

I would also be attending the training as a participant. I have worked hard for the event. Officially I wasn’t in it earlier but then things kept coming and I kept taking them and ended up playing a major role in coordinating the entire event. Have not been getting any time for blogging.

Lots of ideas came in mind but never got the time. Also thought of a Nation wide campaign for right to education on 14th Nov. Let’s see what can be done.