Did this translation long time back….just thought would re post it today.
Shyama to Bajrasen

Forgive me my Love.
What is the curse for the sin I did,
Let the almighty bestow upon me
You, forgive me
My sin was not in thy Book,
sinner I am in God’s feet
There, God shall unleash his rage,
retribution be silently accepted by me
never shall be able to bear your unforgiveness
Forgive me

Bajrasen –

Forgive her, I could not
Forgive my feeble mind my Lord
My love was crying, My love was dying
of shame of remorse.
Alas! I could not take her in my arms
I hurt my love
Sin I did to punish sin
Forgiven she would be by thee,
she who falls tumbling on thy feet
of shoulder loaded with sin.
Know I this my Lord,
that thou shall never forgive me,
never forgive me for my mercilessness.

From ‘Shyama’ by Rabindra Nath Tagore


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