“Met a great guy today…he was wow…simply wow.. am charmed.”

When was the last time I said that…lemme go back in time… checking out the archives of my blog would suffice. Some where in the mid of Feb this year here is that post. Two in a year, not bad, its progress rather, given the fact that the february crush happened after almost 6 long years. For the records I am talking about this feeling of being charmed instantly, it’s not like in 6 years I didn’t go out with or see any body.

As always the twain shall never meet, they didn’t meet, they won’t meet, in fact they don’t meet ever, not in flesh, blood and sweat and tell you what…they need not meet. The twain are both lucky to even have come accross each other and that’s what matters. Really??

If anything has influenced my life it is my own continuous thirst for adventure, variety and experimentation, and it’s this drive that has changed my whole life over the years. From being an ordinary middle class girl, as naïve as she can be, ready to fall in love, get married, I transformed myself into a rebellious feminist, a cynic, an atheist, a creative writer…non believer, non conformist, all being results of my own tryst with concepts like love, lust, sex, desire, beauty, morality, marriage etc.


We get married because we want a witness to our lives.” – Susan Sarandon said in Dance with Me. I blog, or say write for the same reason.