I always stand at a particular place on my office terrace, to have my sutta. There is a T-point there accross the road. Off late I have picked up an interesting habit of standing there ‘combusting that insignificant 5 mins of my life’ while keeping an eye on that t-point and everything that happens there.

A ‘T-point’ is a point on the road from where you can either take a left or a right, there’s no going ahead. The first time I casually had a look at it, it struck me how in life I have had to stand in so many of these T-points. You can’t keep walking from here on, you’ve got to think, take a decision and then take a new direction.

I see cars, scooters, tempos, cycle rikshaws, bycles and pedestrians coming along the straight path hitting the t-point and then taking a turn. Some how I can relate it to the journey of life.

All motor vehicles have to slow down at this point before they take a turn. The bigger the vehicle is the larger is the fall in speed. A car coming at the speed of 5o have to lower down to 25 to take the turn. While a two wheeler, a bike specially, coming at 50 would only slow till 35 and take the turn. [In life when these turning points come you need to slow down. You need to think about the consequences of your decision…direction. If you are alone you would take the turn differently than the you would if you have a family. If you are big in life, you have people who watch every move of yours, you have followers, you have people who depend on you… taking a decision is all the more difficult then. While if you are a small insignificant soul no one cares what you do, you are more free to take your decision.]

Most people on the street already know which side they’d take, they have already changed their lane accordingly and when the point comes they smoothly take the turn. Few of them however seem to be lost when they reach the point. They look around, some of them take a look at a piece of paper which might be an address, some don’t carry address, they follow their gut feeling or at the most they ask some one around. [In life it helps to pre decide where you want to go, it’s best if you carry the address of your destination. But if all of us did that no one would stop for a while. No one would connect to another soul at that point. No one would ask and eventually there would be no one left to answer.]

I see most take a left turn. There is a market on the left side, on the right there are only houses. [Market is the place where we all have to be. You have your bread and butter there and the money to buy them. You have the bricks to build your home, you have blood and sweat all there in the market. Home is where peace is. Yet we spent most of the time of our life in the market always longing to reach home.]

Standing there the other day I thought, when I’ll write my autobiography I’ll call it “Life at the T-point”. Interestingly a T can also connote a woman’s figure, also a vagina….well that makes sense, my biography would have a lot of sex talk, it would have my tryst with all the men in my life, it will speak scornfully about how relationships are all about sex, which is not so bad *wink* after all… Yeah right, what, a soon to be 30 year old virgin, would write about sex I wonder. Well who cares how much of it is gonna be biographical so long as it sells…I will cook up something… *wink* and *Grin*

Holy shit (btw who coined this phrase of exclamation) too much of thinking, that too such scandalous thinking, over a silly t-point. If this kind of unethical literary torture continues on my blog next thing we’ll hear is they have ordered to block my blog and remove all t-points from roads of Delhi.

And this is the final blow. A poem (or so I think) I wrote today. Next post.