Am almost back.. hang on just a bit more.. been on my toes since Mid of Dec.. Been to South to North to West… will write all about my adventour soon..

Meanwhile A new Year wish I quickly scribbled and send accross to all the contacts on Yahoo, Gmail and Orkut…

Season’s Greetings.

Yeah that same repetitive wish you been getting from every one else.. Merry Christmas, Id Mubarak and Happy New year. I was able to complete one of my resolution in 2006. 2007 looks promising…but then I don’t know.. My life is so unpredictable..kinda tend to roll with time..And In the coming year you

Be good ~ We all are in our own way.
Have Fun ~ You’d try but won’t always succeed..but try nonetheless
Achieve Big ~ Don’t do anything illegal though, cause Kanoon ke haath itne lambe nahi hote jitni gahari vakilo ke jeb hote hai.. Court won’t get you, but the Attorneys’ fees would kill you.
Think more through your heart, less through mind ~ Least through soul and MOST through POCKET
Make more promises ~ And keep them
And here’s mine ~ Less self promotional spamming!!!

Point is My Happy New Year gotta be different than the rest. That’s the point. Happy New Year.

Coming up next is “30th Birthday” the sequel to one of my previous posts.. “29th Birthday” No prize for guessing what is it all about. First 20 days of January I was in Pune attending The Sexuality Rights Institute 2007. Lots of stuffs to write about from there. All coming up.